Why I keep forgetting about Google+

This is a follow up to my previous blog post, which is purely speculative as I didn’t have an invite yet.

A few weeks ago, I finally got into the super exclusive (or not so much) club that is Google+. Like any shiny new toy I played with it for about three hours until my eyes were too heavy too keep open, and there was just nothing left to play with. The invite that I received from Google+ was addressed to my work email (which is not a @gmail.com address). This prompted me to create a new gmail address, that linked up with my work email (weird I know). This is not an email address that I plan on hooking up to my phone, mainly because I already have about 5. All this to say, I don’t get the email notifications right away when someone +1’s my post or adds me to their circles, so it’s relatively easy for me to forget about it.

There are some people who instinctively get Google+ – these are usually the people with ginormous followings in social media anyways, so it makes sense that they like it so much. They belong to 45,000 circles, but they get to exclude the people that they don’t care about. I get it too, don’t get me wrong – but I keep forgetting that I have it. One of the biggest advantages to Google+ is the ability to have real conversations around the content that you share – but I don’t find myself sharing anything (aside from the occasional blog post). Then there is Hangouts – for people who like to video chat in the first place, which I don’t. I don’t feel the need for someone to see me when they’re talking to me – that way I can be in PJ’s with no makeup on but people can assume I’m wearing a suit or something. So, video chatting: not for me.

 There’s something about this network that makes me feel very anti social, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is. Maybe I’m not famous enough – so people don’t want to include me in their circles. So far only 13 people have added me, that’s pretty lame if you ask me. For someone who has over 400 Facebook friends and over 550 Twitter followers – it certainly beats down my social ego. This might not be a bad thing, but it certainly doesn’t make me want to visit Google+. Not to mention, it is a “sausage fest”  with 74% males, out of which 24% are engineers. Maybe it can replace eHarmony or something.

I have never been one to care so much about my privacy on the internet – not that it doesn’t matter to me, I just don’t care about it. If I share something, I want to share with everybody who has eyes, so I don’t see the need to limit what I’m sharing to certain groups of people. I have a LOT of photo’s on Facebook, and that’s exactly where I like them. I don’t plan on transporting them to Google+ because my Facebook network matters more to me at this point.

Today, Google+ released their iPhone app, but I have a Blackberry. I’ve forgotten about that already.

My final complaint/guilty pleasure of Google+ is Tom Anderson, everybody’s first friend on Myspace. He is obsessed with Google+ – really, he is obsessed. He is one of the most popular people on Google+ for reasons which are still unknown to me – maybe it’s out of humor, maybe it’s because he STILL has that picture from his Myspace profile 10 years ago, maybe it’s because he’s so bitter towards Facebook & Twitter for ruining his life, maybe it’s because he shares cool things – I don’t know. Either way, he’s probably the worst and best thing to happen to my “stream”, sort of reminiscent to Jersey Shore and how it’s awful but so addictive at the same time. That’s it – He’s the Snooki of Google+.

Do you use Google+ often? Why?


25 people you must follow on Twitter

The Twitter fail whale error message.

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Update: You can see the follow-up to this post here

Just thought I should post about some great people to follow on Twitter. These are the people that teach me new things everyday, share news, strategy, and fun & interesting things as well as generate great conversations. Here is who you should follow & why:

  1. Jay Baer @jaybaer – Brilliant social strategist and co-author of The Now Revolution 
  2. Radian6 @radian6 – Social monitoring and engagement platform. They also have an excellent blog that is worth a read.
  3. Amber Naslund @AmberCadabra – another brilliant social strategist, thinker, and has great tweets. Co-author of The Now Revolution, & Brass Tack Thinking
  4. Ben Parr @benparr – Editor-at-large at Mashable, always on top of everything.
  5. Brenna Ehrlich @Brenna_E – Associate Editor, Media & Entertainment @ Mashable. Co-founder of Stuff Hipsters Hate (hilarious)
  6. Dave Hale @DaveCHale@SoshalGroup – Dave is the CEO at Soshal Group, a social strategy/media/intelligence agency here in Ottawa.
  7. Phil Sonea @psonea – Soshal Group VP of Client Services, not to mention a great guy.
  8. Peter Shankman @petershankman – Though he hates social media “gurus” – he is very intelligent, but will never hire you.
  9. Jonathan Cowperthwait @cowperthwait – Hilarious startup guy from SF. Wears offensive t-shirts on occasion
  10. Bill Stoller @publicityGuru – An excellent resource for PR people, and people trying to understand PR people 🙂
  11. Scott Stratten @unmarketing – Brilliant mind behind the book unmarketing, you’ll always learn something from following him.
  12. MG Siegler @parislemon – Blogger at TechCrunch, always on top of everything – and always has strong opinons.
  13. allfacebook @allfacebook – THE Facebook resource. There’s nothing about Facebook that they don’t know. One of my favorite SM blogs.
  14. open{subnet} @opensubnet – Posts a variety of useful content across different social/tech/mobile spans.
  15. Lindsay Bell @belllindsay – Amazing content creator and writer from the Radian6 family.
  16. Sheldon Levine @40deuce – Host of my favorite #smmeasurement Twitter chat. Community manager at Sysomos, & awesome guy.
  17. Social News First @1socialnews – Want your social media news first? Follow them, they’re faster then the speed of light.
  18. Brian Clark @copyblogger – Brilliant mind & online marketing advice. Great content, greater tweets.
  19. Dave O @daveohoots – hilarious owl from Hootsuite. Community wrangler & Marketing Director. Takes the bus.
  20. Eric Swayne @eswayne – social analytics & insights – you WILL be smarter after you follow him.
And, of course, my team – Team Awesome. 
Stephane Gayraud @StephaneG – Our awesome leader
Lucas Powell @lucas_powell – Data genius, loves apple products & cookies. Also likes GoPro’s & posts arm-breaking videos (literally).
Jennifer Topping @jen_topping – Research goddess, occasionally Canada Post holds her books hostage.
James Phillips @jamesamphillips – Our Social Media Manager from across the pond.
Brandon Waselnuk @brandonwaselnuk – AKA #bbop. Our thug-life applications dude.
In summation, all these people produce fantastic content and great conversation through Twitter. They are interesting, intelligent, and each & every one of them can teach you something. Now, get to following!