25 people you must follow on Twitter

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Update: You can see the follow-up to this post here

Just thought I should post about some great people to follow on Twitter. These are the people that teach me new things everyday, share news, strategy, and fun & interesting things as well as generate great conversations. Here is who you should follow & why:

  1. Jay Baer @jaybaer – Brilliant social strategist and co-author of The Now Revolution 
  2. Radian6 @radian6 – Social monitoring and engagement platform. They also have an excellent blog that is worth a read.
  3. Amber Naslund @AmberCadabra – another brilliant social strategist, thinker, and has great tweets. Co-author of The Now Revolution, & Brass Tack Thinking
  4. Ben Parr @benparr – Editor-at-large at Mashable, always on top of everything.
  5. Brenna Ehrlich @Brenna_E – Associate Editor, Media & Entertainment @ Mashable. Co-founder of Stuff Hipsters Hate (hilarious)
  6. Dave Hale @DaveCHale@SoshalGroup – Dave is the CEO at Soshal Group, a social strategy/media/intelligence agency here in Ottawa.
  7. Phil Sonea @psonea – Soshal Group VP of Client Services, not to mention a great guy.
  8. Peter Shankman @petershankman – Though he hates social media “gurus” – he is very intelligent, but will never hire you.
  9. Jonathan Cowperthwait @cowperthwait – Hilarious startup guy from SF. Wears offensive t-shirts on occasion
  10. Bill Stoller @publicityGuru – An excellent resource for PR people, and people trying to understand PR people 🙂
  11. Scott Stratten @unmarketing – Brilliant mind behind the book unmarketing, you’ll always learn something from following him.
  12. MG Siegler @parislemon – Blogger at TechCrunch, always on top of everything – and always has strong opinons.
  13. allfacebook @allfacebook – THE Facebook resource. There’s nothing about Facebook that they don’t know. One of my favorite SM blogs.
  14. open{subnet} @opensubnet – Posts a variety of useful content across different social/tech/mobile spans.
  15. Lindsay Bell @belllindsay – Amazing content creator and writer from the Radian6 family.
  16. Sheldon Levine @40deuce – Host of my favorite #smmeasurement Twitter chat. Community manager at Sysomos, & awesome guy.
  17. Social News First @1socialnews – Want your social media news first? Follow them, they’re faster then the speed of light.
  18. Brian Clark @copyblogger – Brilliant mind & online marketing advice. Great content, greater tweets.
  19. Dave O @daveohoots – hilarious owl from Hootsuite. Community wrangler & Marketing Director. Takes the bus.
  20. Eric Swayne @eswayne – social analytics & insights – you WILL be smarter after you follow him.
And, of course, my team – Team Awesome. 
Stephane Gayraud @StephaneG – Our awesome leader
Lucas Powell @lucas_powell – Data genius, loves apple products & cookies. Also likes GoPro’s & posts arm-breaking videos (literally).
Jennifer Topping @jen_topping – Research goddess, occasionally Canada Post holds her books hostage.
James Phillips @jamesamphillips – Our Social Media Manager from across the pond.
Brandon Waselnuk @brandonwaselnuk – AKA #bbop. Our thug-life applications dude.
In summation, all these people produce fantastic content and great conversation through Twitter. They are interesting, intelligent, and each & every one of them can teach you something. Now, get to following!