I Don’t Care if You Don’t Wear Makeup

There is a certain pressure a woman faces with how she looks, I get that, completely. I don’t want to seem as if I’m feeding into the epidemic that is making women feel terrible about themselves. I can empathize with ladies who wear makeup because they feel like they need to, or because it makes them feel better. And if you feel better about yourself because you don’t wear makeup, than good for you — it’s nice to see women feel good about themselves.

However, because you don’t feel the need to wear makeup does not give you the right to trash talk the women that enjoy makeup. Just because you see someone with their “face” on does not mean that they need to wear makeup because they are fixing a flaw that they have. Makeup, like nails, hair, and fashion can be a hobby.

For a long time, I didn’t wear a lot of makeup because I didn’t know how to apply it. I would put on some “cover up” AKA foundation, some mascara, and Chapstick and that was about the extent of my makeup routine. I tried to do fancier stuff, I just never really got the hang of it.

Over the last year or so, I took the time to learn some techniques and buy some better products (mostly thanks to the MakeupAddiction subreddit). It became a hobby to me, the same way video games or knitting is a hobby for others. I don’t expect anybody to understand or share in my hobby, I just do it because I enjoy it. So when you see me with a full face of makeup on, it’s not because I’m insecure and need “cake face” to make me pretty, it’s because I had a fucking great time making my face look like this.

What absolutely drives me crazy is women who feel like they need to bash other women because of their choices or hobbies, regardless of whether it makes them seemingly look better. It’s infuriating that they need to rag on other people to make themselves feel better.

It’s really too bad that they don’t make makeup for the inside, too.



One comment

  1. Asako · December 19, 2013

    Well said! I used to draw and paint (still do, on rare occasions) and I find applying makeup to be a fun, creative outlet. I’ll definitely be checking out that subreddit.

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