Something to be Proud of

Soshal Office

Newly unpacked, the new Soshal office, mind the mess.

May, 2012.

I was sitting in a Super 8 motel room in Austin, Texas. I had just arrived and went to the mexican restaurant next door. I was sitting on my bed, just about to eat my dinner when my phone rang. I had been in such a strange place in the months leading up to that day. The company I worked for had drastically changed, as did my team, and I was still recovering from the loss of my then mentor, Janet.

I wasn’t entirely happy with my work situation, and that call was the call that would change almost everything. On the other end of the line was a guy who I went to college with, a guy who was rarely in class due to professional commitments, but always kicked ass when he was there. Most people were envious, they were at school everyday and still couldn’t get the marks that Dave got.

Dave was offering me a job from the other end of the continent. There was no promise of security, no clear job description, he just knew he wanted me to work there. He was building something, he had been building something since we graduated in 2010. Something he believed would be great. At that very moment, I realized I wanted to be a part of this thing.

June, 2012.

Unsure of what I was getting myself into, I started in my role as a Digital Strategist at Soshal. Then, the group was a team of 6 people in this little office that had barely any furniture. The boardroom only contained two $10 IKEA chairs, a whiteboard lying on the floor, and nothing else. What I felt, though, was enthusiasm. On this tiny team of 6 people, everyone felt completely committed to doing great things. So I started working, outside of my comfort zone. After all, this job was nothing like my old one. This job grew with me.

July, 2012 – August, 2013.

In the year that followed, this tiny team grew from six people to twenty. Furniture started to populate the tiny office, and with that came the inevitable culture shifts with it. We went from friends, to coworkers, back to friends again. With the arrival of new faces came new dynamics, new ways to work, and the initiative to build good shit.

During this time, I learned SO many things. You see, working so close with such a tight-knit group almost forces you to understand what everyone does, and how they contribute to what you do. Now, we have a full team, with many different types of personalities that form a culture of its own. A culture where everyone likes each other, built upon young and fun-loving attitudes, and much bigger projects.

Today (September, 2013)

One of the things I often take for granted is how involved I am in this once-little agency. It’s not my job, it’s a major part of my life now, baked into almost everything I do.

We moved into a new office yesterday. This seems like such a small, insignificant thing – but it’s not. This seemingly small activity invokes pride, it creates a tangible thing out of the success of this company. Success mostly due to three guys who worked day and night, and sacrificed for a little fish in a big ocean full of sharks.

They found a group of passionate people who were willing to be invested in the vision that they created. Now this group, over three times larger than they were a year ago, have a space that matches the vision, that personifies it. Something to be proud of.


There is no doubt that that tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year will bring up more challenges for Soshal, but the employees here have confidence in the direction, vision, and most of all heart that this agency was built upon. There is definitely something to be said for feeling like you really are a part of something great, and this is something I look forward to being a part of for a long time.


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