Why I Buy Lime Crime

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Anyone who knows me knows how much I love lipstick. My guilty pleasure is usually of the MAC variety, and I own many of them. From Saint Germain to Rebel, limited editions, and reds galore, this is truly one of my addictions.

Nothing really beats an awesome lipstick formula, the kind that stay on for HOURS despite eating, drinking, talking, etcetera. I have found this in many of my MAC lipsticks, but especially the Mattes and the Retro Mattes. Sometimes, I can’t get the lipstick off with any amount of scrubbing, and this is a good sign.

I currently follow a lot of makeup trends and new products online, through one of my favourite subreddits /r/makeupaddiction. There, you can find tips, trends, tutorials, and stare at peoples perfect faces all day, it truly is glorious. That is where I first heard about Lime Crime Lipsticks and their somewhat stained reputation. Basically, the Coles Notes version is that the woman behind Lime Crime threatened to sue over a bad review, resulting in a PR scandal, and such.

I would see pictures of the colour payoff, the opaqueness, the beauty of the formula, and for awhile, I stayed far away. I mean, did I want to support a brand like that? Really?

Then I started to think. This woman really takes pride in her products, and is extremely emotionally involved. Plus, she makes a wicked lipstick, so does it really matter what people say/think? The truth is, some people will be turned off by bad customer service no matter how good the product is, and others will continue to buy regardless. Where Lime Crime really lucks out, is that they make an awesome product (and I’m specifically referring to the lipsticks, not the eye shadows or anything else).

This leads me to a kind of self examination. People HATE this company and spread their hate for it on social media and the like. But what is more important to ME? In the end, it will always be the product. Like they say, good customer service can’t save a bad product – BUT – bad customer service doesn’t destroy a good product. Unless a brand is doing something harmful to animals, having their products made under unethical circumstances, then the truth is, I’m still going to buy it. This is the exact reason why Abercrombie is still in business, even if they fat-shame people, skinny people still want to buy their clothes. I’m sure both Abercrombie and Lime Crime’s bottom line dipped a little from the bad PR, but that doesn’t stop people from continuing to buy their products.

Now, I’m not saying that I endorse the behaviour of these companies, but I also don’t think that me purchasing their products enables them to keep acting the way they do (they’d do it without my money). I believe in supporting good products, and after some back and forth, I bought Lime Crimes Vegan Lipstick in Geradium and I absolutely love it.

Does a bad reputation stop you from buying from a brand? Why?




  1. kflowermaquillage · August 21, 2013

    I knew knew people were hating on lime crime! I love their lipsticks, they are awesome!I’m a makeup artist & I’d love it if you could check out my beauty blog & follow if you like it 🙂 http://www.kateflowermaquillage.wordpress.com

  2. Must Have Boxes · August 21, 2013

    That lipstick color is fab!

    – KW

  3. amandabambii · September 15, 2013

    I agree, why base your makeup collection on the judgements on others! I’m going to get Babette soon I think, possibly geradium too! Everyone makes mistakes and maybe she had a bad day or week, we’ll never know! Love your blog 🙂 x

    • Kayla · March 21, 2015

      I encourage you to research the extent of her wrong doings. I totally agree with what you said but that’s not the case with this Doe Deere girl she’s a total con artist not just a nice girl having a bad day

  4. Cee6788 · December 7, 2013

    In a way I feel like continuing to give money to companies with bad reps IS enabling them to continue being crappy. I own some Lime Crime that I bought myself or was gifted to me and while they aren’t anything special in my collection I wouldn’t say they’re terrible terrible products either. But I unfortunately am too informed about Doe and her company to feel good about giving her my money regardless of how mediocre or good her stuff is. I wouldn’t care if she sold the best red lipstick known to man, I still wouldn’t buy it because I wouldn’t want my money going to her. I feel it’s like when people boycott things like a movie for example. I know a lot of people boycotted the latest LOTR movie apparently because it got out that a lot of horses were injured during filming. People didn’t boycott because the movie or story was bad they did it because they didn’t want to give money to people who would continue letting animals get hurt for entertainment purposes. One of my girlfriends showed me recently that Heineken sponsored dog fights. That is so sickening to me and I will definitely never buy their beer again, not because it suddenly stopped tasting good to me but because they supported something so horrible and I don’t want my money going to them because it IS my money that helps fund these companies that in turn use my cash to promote things I’d never promote myself.
    The whole Abercrombie/Hollister thing doesn’t even seem the same to me anymore in regards to companies like Lime Crime. Doe would never admit to being a jerk whereas the people behind the clothing companies are more open about the people they want to cater to even if they aren’t always kind about it. There are shops that cater to larger men only or larger women only, but it doesn’t mean they are discriminating same as the salons or beauty products that cater to women of color. Of course, thinner people do have way more options of where to shop since most stores carry small sizes, but it doesn’t mean that stores who sell only small sizes are terrible. True, sometimes it COULD be because the heads of the companies have a shallow view of beauty, but it doesn’t make them complete assholes. To be fair, Hollister sells Junior size clothing for teens, that’s why it’s smaller and cheaper than Abercrombie. And both labels (which are essentially the same) market their clothes based on the “ideal” layed back California beach goers, which are stereotypically beautiful, thin, and young. I think what I wrote must seem really jumbled because I’m just writing as I my thoughts come, but you see what I mean? There’s a big difference in all this. Doe Deere isn’t shy about being an ass but she’ll never admit to it or to any of the things she’s done in the past which there is plenty of evidence of even from people who were her friends. I’m not trying to discourage anyone from supporting Lime Crime, I just thought I’d give my opinion on the matter.

    • :C · December 12, 2013

      Wow, you’re amazing and I agree with your comments about Lime Crime. I was also insulted by whoever runs their Facebook page when I asked a question about a pigment I order (it wasn’t true to color as posted on their website.) It was all very ridiculous. Lastly, I disagree about the environment they make and package their products. Enough reports about eye infections, melting products and mold in containers and frankly, I don’t want to risk it.

    • Marissa Gagnier · December 17, 2013

      First off, thanks so much for taking the time to share your opinion, it’s always great to be challenged and to see different points of view.

      In some respects, there is a moral line that I see in your argument that I don’t really see here. Especially in regards to animals. I would not consciously support a company that harms animals in any way — and in this respect I completely agree with you.

      Being an asshole, though, and being morally bankrupt are two different things. If someone makes a product that you like, but they’re an ass – you have every right not to want to buy from them. However, if someone’s an asshole and you like their product, you are also within your right to keep buying that product because you like it. They’re not really hurting anybody by being an asshole — just themselves.

      Companies like Abercrombie are public companies (literally, they are traded on the stock exchange). They have a duty to appease shareholders. This is why they do damage control and try to make people “forgive” them. Lime Crime does not have this duty — so they can be an asshole and it won’t cause people to sell their stock, in turn, sinking the company.

      I guess my overall point with this post, was to say that while I don’t necessary think it’s right for a business owner to act that way, it doesn’t affect me to the point where I will no longer buy their product. However, I only speak for myself, not everyone else.

      Thanks again for your comment!

  5. Bun · February 2, 2014

    I don’t want to buy from Lime Crime because their products are overpriced, NOT amazing, and you can buy similar colored lipsticks from small companies that deserve the business, and I do not want to support an asshole because the more people that purchase from her, the more it is okay that she is an asshole. I also try to spread the truth about Lime Crime so that she has less fans, but sadly that is very difficult because she does everything she can to get rid of negative things said about her on the internet.

  6. ham · December 13, 2014

    I wouldn’t buy from lime crime because i’d be indirectly supporting their fraudulent tricks and scams etc. faking charities. Also i feel insulted if the brand won’t consider the views of their target market. Why support a brand that won’t support you or value your opinion? I feel that lime crime is almost an insult to those brands who work hard to cater to their consumers and produce quality products instead of repackaging their products from elsewhere. In that sense, i don’t want to feel as if i’m the victim of some marketing scheme with producers just out there to make cheap money. Overall buying Lime Crime i find, for me, is just morally wrong and almost patronizing. And that affects me enough to not commit to this brand because I could do better than a brand that resorts to over pricing and scamming their customers

  7. Hera · December 30, 2014

    Why would I want to buy products from a company that does these kinds of fraudulent acts? Buying their products means giving them sales = giving them profits and that is a stupid as heck move. Get something from someplace else where you KNOW they have their own lab, has good reputation and not some repackaged garbage.

  8. Caitlin · January 8, 2015

    I love their packaging. I love some of their products. But the lipsticks are average and I dislike that they’re labeled vegan but are, in fact, not. Also dislike that most of their products were not actually their own and were repackaged. As much as I agree with the ‘buy into the product, not the company’ sort of thing this brand does irk me. Though their newer launches are much better.

  9. S · February 4, 2015

    If you like the Lime Crime lipsticks then go for it! It doesn’t hurt me at all, but I think the controversies come from the harm that HAS been done by the company and its creator, Xenia.
    Allegedly (and this is based on my research, not my experience, but the research has been consistent in the many places I’ve looked so it seems legit), there have been quite a few scams run by Xenia. One of the biggest ones was her CHARITY SCAM (sorry for the all caps). She apparently held raffles for items and claimed the money would go to charity, though she never named a particular charity until after. She then claimed she raised ~200$ for a charity that didn’t exist.
    The problem with Lime Crime PRODUCTS is that they have been called out for repackaging products and for labelling products vegan when they aren’t (because they contained beeswax for example), but the company doesn’t seem to genuinely address these issues (i.e. continuing to sell the repackaged product while denying that it is, in fact, repackaged). The lipsticks are a different issue than the eyeshadows though, because the company can’t just take pigment, put it in a container, and ship it, and if you’re not vegan then the other issue probably won’t bother you as much. The problems with mouldy product are pretty gross though.
    The other trouble is the terrible customer service that many people report getting. You got your lipstick this time, so that’s awesome. But maybe next time it never arrives, but you’re still charged. That’s been reported by lots of people, so it makes it a crapshoot when you’re ordering their product, which makes buyers nervous (of course. no one wants to pay for a product and never receive the product).

  10. pippa · February 18, 2015


    just to let you know, mac isnt cruelty free!

    And thnx for your honest opinion on lime crime!

  11. Kayla · March 21, 2015

    I would love this article if you fully understood the extent to which the company has made error. You really downplay the controversy and limit it to a simple review being overturned. That’s not it at all. It’s not even the site hack because that can happen to anyone. &it’s not even the fact that they are just jerks and have poor customer service. The MAC store in my nearest mall employs some real jerks. In fact I feel very uncomfortable in the store and have resorted to buying online, and I don’t have anything against the company. Lime Crime’s owner Doe Deere (not even her real name) has a 10 year history of legally proven heinous actions, and it’s just recently coming to light. Doe has done things like bashing less than perfect reviews of her products to actually creating fake charities for her own financial gain. She has repackaged products made by other companies and price inflated the product and gave no credit to the companies that actually made the product when she first started up. She has even gone so far as to try to take down companies in the same gamete as her (sugar pill) by anonymously posting fake pictures of their product to try and accuse them of repackaging before their products were even released, which is so wrong the beauty community is about support for artistry not bashing. Many youtubers and bloggers have publicly decided to not support her company any longer due to mistreatment or even just becoming aware of what she has done. She also marketed her products as vegan when they were not for a period of time until she was found out. She does whatever she wants and being confronted is never enough she waits until someone is about to sue before she gives in which is just wrong. Temptalia a popular blogger did a review of her products giving it a C- and Doe gave out temptalias personal email and stole one of her swath photos to later use for promotional use without compensation or crediting her. She is just a childish woman and it is sad because she doesn’t have to be this way she has a good unique product line and vision with a following and she is destroying it. It is really important to know the kind of person who you are helping is. Would you give money to a homeless man that always just buys drugs with it if you knew that is what he did? Even if it looks good? You may look good to others because you are handing him money but if you know in your heart what he is doing with it how can you feel good about yourself?

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