Time to Grow Up

I feel that over the past year, my mental capacity has really evolved into more than it was before. There has been a lot that has happened, both personally and professionally, that has changed or altered my viewpoint on things in some way. In the process of “finding myself” (you could say), some things just became less important. This blog was one of them, my Twitter account was another, and I’d say networking in general kind of fell by the wayside.

That may have been a mistake, in hindsight. There is incredible value in exercising the mind enough to write a meaningful (and I do mean meaningful) blog post. Somewhere along the line, my posts stopped being meaningful – they became kind of exhausting to be honest. I would force myself to write about something that I wasn’t really interested in. Then, there was my internal frustration that I was changing direction in my career but my peers weren’t. In my own head I probably viewed myself as a bit superior, because I had come to learn different not necessarily better things. So my “hate on” kind of continued…

I couldn’t look at Twitter without feeling physically ill at some of the posts I was seeing, posts that I myself probably would have posted less than 2 years ago. “What is wrong with these people?” I would say to myself. “Don’t they see it’s about technology enabling business and revenue and not about who is retweeting you?”.

 Not long ago, I analyzed the person I had really become. This blog, my network, these were all assets, so why was I treating them so poorly? I can still absorb information from these people (most of whom are probably smarter than me anyways), and share information with them – so how is that such a bad thing?

The truth is, it’s not a bad thing. We’re all part of an ecosystem (The Digital Jobosphere, you could call it), and we all have something to contribute to one another. Now that I’m out of this teenage angst phase of my professional life, I can finally grow up and stop being such a recluse.

All this being said, it’s time to apologize (I’m sorry), and get back to the great things the digital culture has to offer. I would like to present myself, Marissa Gagnier, to you all. I am a digital strategist at Soshal Group, a really amazing Digital Agency in Ottawa (also… Calgary and Toronto). I handle web related strategy that includes lots of things, such as: Ecommerce strategy, Information Architecture, Primary & Secondary Research, Technology and Application (both Social and otherwise) Strategy, etc. These are the areas of focus that I am interested in now, so these are the kinds of things you can expect to see on my blog. I probably won’t write about social media anymore, but I promise I will write some awesome stuff.  I feel like I can be dedicated to this again, and I will do my best to deliver.



What do you think?

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