Resolutions at the Right Time

Every year I set new years resolutions & share them (somewhat) publicly. Every year after about 2 weeks I give up. It’s become kind of a comforting routine, actually. I find comfort in it because I know, in the back of my mind, that I don’t really have to keep these resolutions. People will forget, or not ask because they too have not kept their own resolutions.

We’re more than half way through January, and now that I have worked this years resolutions into a somewhat routine, I’m okay to share now. Most of these are personal to me, but I think I truly should be accountable for them.

1. More Focus. Some would call it ADD, some would call it ‘master procrastination’, but I can admit that I have a focus problem (until the last minute when whatever I have to do has to get done). 2013 is going to be the year that all that changes. Now, don’t get me wrong, I always get done what I have to do, I just need to focus more throughout the working process. I need to set plans and goals for everything, and make sure that it gets done.

2. Health. It’s no surprise here, I mean, isn’t this everyone’s resolution? Gym memberships soar high in January only to be abandoned come February 1st. I don’t like the gym, I hate the CULTure that comes with it. I’m not generally a show-off, so I don’t need to stare into a mirror while I work out – and I’ve had gym memberships for the last 5 years that just prove time and time again to be a waste of money. All that being said, my fiance and I have built our own at-home gym that works just fine. I’m also eating a lot better. No more starchy carbs (drool), serious cut-downs on the chocolate front, proper portioning, etc. etc. I’m actually quite proud at how well I’ve been doing with this. I don’t put harsh limits on myself, nor do I weigh myself – I know that these things will come.

3. Write. Not everyday, not every week, not even once a month – just when the time calls for it. This blog has been good to me, and I abandoned it for awhile. I got to the point where I just didn’t want to write at all, and in retrospect it was probably good for me to take a break. I have come back with an open mind and fresh eyes and I have decided that I’m gunna write about whatever I damn well please. This blog is going to host a mish-mash of information – some professional, some personal, some just bat-shit crazy and that is what it needs to be to survive and not die a slow, painful death of neglect.

4. Save money. Another typical one, amirite? No but seriously, I’m getting married and I need to feed 200 people (donations are always accepted, ha!). Also, I’m cheap, and I enjoy being cheap, so saving money makes me giddy.

That’s it. Little things, but all very important to me. Things that will make 2013 better. Here’s hoping it’s a good year!



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