Blog for the Right Reasons

Sometimes I sit and think “man, I really need to post something on my blog. People probably think I’ve abandoned it by now.” Have I really abandoned my love for writing and sharing? Am I really not as passionate about things as I used to be? How did I even come up with all that stuff, anyways?

No. I shake my head. I’ll get to it, after work. Then I get home and I’m too lazy, I also don’t have any inspiration to try and write anything insightful. Tomorrow, I tell my self… there’s always tomorrow.

The truth is, before, I wrote stuff just to write stuff. It came off as passionate because I used the right words. I also had a crazy sense of entitlement coupled with some frustration from work. That was the perfect combination to produce “sharable” blog content. I’m happy now, humbled. I don’t have the gasoline to fuel the fire and produce frustrated rants like I used to, and I think I’m okay with that. Truth is, every time I write now I imagine that no one is reading it anyways – I feel free enough to write like the crazy old bat I am.

We can’t pressure ourselves to be these great content producers all the time. It’s not realistic. This blog started as a “social media” blog. Do you know how many “social media” blogs there are out there? A lot. Who the hell am I on the internet? Small potatoes, that’s who. This should be a venue for my enjoyment – and I plan on keeping it that way. If that means I’m going to blog once per year, then so be it – that’s just how it’s going to work.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog – I implore you to think about it just a little bit more. Why the hell are you doing this? Do you get actual satisfaction out of writing, or is it just because you get satisfaction when you log in and see those stats rising? Do it for the right reasons, or else eventually you’ll abandon it. Maybe not, though, maybe you’ll post every day for your foreseeable future. You’ll get all the stats! But most importantly, you’ll start writing about things that don’t matter to you. Space-filling posts that deplete your soul each time you compose them.

Reading through my last couple posts, I actually like the content in them. I do have a tendency to dwell on the negative, but it keeps me sane, humble, happy. It also makes me happy that I’m not adding more useless content to the internet, the cesspool of useless content. That makes me warm and fuzzy inside.




  1. JC · January 22, 2013

    Ranting is good and as far as rants go, this one was great! Nice post.

  2. Ross Brown · January 22, 2013

    I blog because it helps fuel my creative writing juices. I force myself to post something 6 days a week. Obviously, not all of it’s great, but it keeps me thinking, keeps giving me ideas.

    And hopefully, it will make me a better writer.


    • Marissa Gagnier · January 22, 2013

      All the power to you for being able to do that! My process doesn’t work like that, but I certainly respect that it does for other people 🙂


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