My Issue with Windows 8


I’ve been a PC user all my life. Never owned a Mac, never wanted to really. Windows was such a familiar environment that I had been groomed to love. Groomed by my family (we had a Windows-based computer since the early 90’s), groomed by my secondary schools (which had a PC-only computer lab), groomed by my post secondary school (we had a ‘laptop mandatory’ program, that required a PC), and groomed by my last job.

All of my life, I was exposed to – and for the most part, enjoyed, the Windows operating system. Something has changed.

Due to the fact that I now work in a ‘Mac shop’ at Soshal Group, I was given a Mac. It took me some getting used to, but I love it now – I don’t think I could ever go back… and it’s good timing – from what I’ve seen of Windows 8.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I believe, and probably always will believe that Microsoft is a great company. I have no personal vendetta towards them, for the most part they make great products. I still love their office suite, and really do enjoy using it on the Mac… but Windows 8 I do not love.

Windows 8 has so much potential, Microsoft had the opportunity to truly do something revolutionary this time around… something uniquely Microsoft. The problem with what I’ve seen (consumer preview, and numerous screenshots from metro) is that this is not at all uniquely Microsoft. From a truly consumer perspective (I’m no tech analyst), this is not an operating system I want to upgrade to from Windows 7 (which I like), even at a low upgrade price.

They’ve gotten rid of the ‘Start’ button, and replaced it with the options to pin something to your task bar or use keyboard shortcuts. That is not Microsoft, that is Apple. They’ve created what you’ll see as the tiled interface for all your favorite apps. That is not Microsoft, that is Apple. They’ved made their device synchronous across all your Metro Devices – ehrm because Win7 Phone is rampant in the mobile space. They’ve created ‘hot corners’ that will annoy the S&^t out of you because PC computer hardware has not evolved to apple trackpad sensitivity and accuracy. The only good thing they’ve done, really is created an app store… which has become industry standard for any OS. So hey… there’s that.

Other than that, the OS is still very similar to Windows 7. Your desktop pretty much looks the same… all the same features are there, they just have this clutter and un-Windows things scattered throughout. This is not meant to be a review, and I get there are many benefits to Windows 8 & Metro & Surface and all those other things – but for me, someone who would normally buy a personal PC over a Mac… this is not what I want, nor what I have come to expect from Microsoft. Sure, they’ll make a boatload of money off of Windows 8/Metro/Surface… but none of my hard earned cash will be on that boat.

Are you a Windows user or a Mac user? What do you think of Windows 8?



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