5 Tools To Make Your Social Media Life Easier

Asana – Asana is not so much a social media tool as it is a personal organization/team collaboration tool. I use it for keeping my projects in tact and staying up-to-date with my daily to-do’s and task list. They describe themselves as “the shared task list for your team. The place to plan, organize and stay in sync on your efforts”.

The great thing is that you can sync your tasks from the web (which is almost always up on my second screen), your phone, and your tablet. A definite lifesaver in my opinion. BTW, it’s a free (for now) tool, but they plan on launching pricing models for larger teams soon.

Qwaya – If you run any kinds of Facebook ads then you know how tedious creating a campaign on the Facebook platform can be. Qwaya works on a freemium model and ranges in price from Free – $99/month. If you don’t need to create more than 15 ads per week, then the free plan will work just great for you. It helps by creating templates for ad creative and targeting, so you don’t have to create it every single time.  You can also publish your ads through the platform, track success, and optimize for better results. Definitely a time saver!

Shortstack – Ah ShortStack, my guiding light. This tool allows you to create Facebook tabs, forms, and contests in the blink of an eye – and to be honest, it’s idiot proof. ShortStack is totally FREE for Business Pages up to 2,000 fans, or “Likes”, and then ranges in price upwards (I’m currently at the $150/month plan – and it’s worth every cent). It’s basically a drag and drop tool to create for Facebook tabs, allowing you to drop-in things like Photos, Videos, Image Galleries, Forms, Voting, Links, Comments with Facebook, Like buttons… I could probably go on forever here – but it is FANTASTIC. Try it out and you’ll understand.

Topsy – Starving for content to post to your SM properties? No worries, Topsy has got you covered. Find the hottest content on a particular subject (including content shared by ‘experts’). This doesn’t need much description – however, Topsy also allows you to search for hashtags and see how many mentions they have had all time, last 30 days, etc. Always helpful.

Radian6 – I don’t use Hootsuite or Tweetdeck simply because of the awesome monitoring power of Radian6. I’m definitely an advocate of them, however I do get that their pricing model is not suited for everyone. If you do have the budget available, it comes highly recommended as you’re able to tag, assign, apply sentiment, and organize any social media mention of anything… ever. They are also invaluable as a resource even if you can’t afford their tool – their blog and free ebooks provide value to any organization or person interested/working in social media, so check them out.

All of these tools make my life easier on a day to day basis, do you have any tools that make your social media life easier?




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  2. Trish · February 27, 2012


    Great post sharing what you find helpful. I’ll have to check some of these out! Thanks so much for including Radian6, too. We appreciate and glad you’re enjoying our platform and our free resources. Did you see we added infographics now? Such a fun way to share information.

    Have a great week,
    Trish | Community Manager, @Radian6

  3. Jane · January 15, 2014

    I have recently started using Adspringr, an ad management tool on the same lines as Qwaya and its definitely helped me in my ad campaigns.

    Other than that I use Followerwonk a lot. One of the best tools handsdown when it comes to analyzing Twitter users. I would have loved to use Radian6 but that’s way above my budget 🙂

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