Why I’ll Never go to Local Heroes Bar & Grill Ever Again.


Over the weekend I experienced probably the biggest customer service FAIL of all time.

Local Heroes Sports Bar & Grill – Bells Corners Location (15 Roberston Rd., Ottawa, ON) Tel: 613721770

This establishment is awful.

One of my close friends  booked her stag and doe at the bells corners location 2 MONTHS AGO. She assumed that everything was fine, and showed up on Saturday night at 7:30PM (the event was set to start at 9) to set up for her party. 75 people had confirmed that they were attending the Stag, and when she arrived she was turned away.


Because the owner had scheduled, and sold tickets, to the UFC fight. She was not given the owners name, and the girl who booked her reservation (Jasmine) sided with the owner because she’s sleeping with him (and this is not an assumption, it’s a fact). When Jasmine told the owner of the double-booking he said he didn’t care – he had already sold tickets to UFC and if they still wanted to host their party there, they would have to wait until 1AM.

Of course she was devastated – her wedding is 4 weeks away and this party was to help raise funds for their dream day, there was only an hour until 75 people showed up and very little time to call each and every one of them.

Not only is this a horrible way to treat people, but the LEAST you could have done is call her even the DAY OF to tell her there was a double booking. Luckily, the kind people at the Cock ‘N Bull a few blocks down agreed to host the party (and they were happy to) even though it was arranged less than an hour before. They made it a great party, despite catering to a hockey game and their regulars.

I will never eat, drink, or anything at a Local Heroes ever again after this selfish, horrifying experience with them. Who charges $3 a ticket to watch UFC anyways? You can watch it at Boston Pizza for free – and their food is better FYI.







  1. Kim Perras · January 16, 2012

    That’s so awful, I can’t believe it. I am so sorry to hear that happened, that’s really really bad. I will keep this in mind. and share it on my wall.

  2. anya at large · January 16, 2012

    A friend of mine linked to this on twitter, and I had to read and respond. My boyfriend refuses to set foot in this particular Local Heroes. He was ignored for a half hour, while staff stood at the bar talking. When he went up to the bar to order, he was told a server would be with him immediately. No one came over for another 10 minutes. After he finally got his drink (a soft drink, he was driving) they never offered him a refill, and then charged him $3 for the pop. (Most bars in Ottawa don’t charge the designated driver for non-alcoholic drinks.)

    Obviously your friend had it much worse, and I’m sorry to say that she’s not alone in having an awful experience with this location. Serious fail.

    • Marissa Gagnier · January 16, 2012

      Thanks for your comments Kim & Anya!

      Anya – I think your boyfriend’s situation just highlights how awful there customer service is in general. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Cup O Swank Studio · January 16, 2012

    Wow, Marissa…that truly qualifies as inexcusable. Here in my part of U.S. this disgusting behavior is quite common, so I really sympathize with your friend. I have grown a dignified grey streak at my temple ranting about my community’s lack of simple business etiquette. Was the staff from down here, by chance? 😉 May the couple be blessed with a long and happy marriage, in spite of dolts who just do not understand the concept of reservations or courtesy calls.

    • Marissa Gagnier · January 17, 2012

      Thanks for your comment! I think they were Canadian actually, which makes it worse because we are usually known for our hospitality. I think this kind of service in unacceptable in any part of the world!


  4. curt · May 2, 2012

    Letter I just forwarded to them re: our ‘visit’ Monday.

    I was in town with my girlfriend to attend a concert Monday Night – Apr. 30. Before coming I found your bar online and decided we would go for some food and drinks after the show as you are located close to the hotel where we were staying. We arrived around 1130pm or so. Outside your bar were a group of about 5 men blocking the entrance who were clearly intoxicated. We attempted to pass saying excuse me but were called slurs, attempting to pick a fight etc. and had agressive moves made towards us. One fellow was ok and tried to keep his buddies from us apologizing and mentioning that it was his friend’s birthday. That was fine, we understood and made our way into your bar. Once we sat down and ordered a beer each this group of guys, now numbering about a dozen, continued to taunt us and threaten us while we sat at the bar. I asked to see the manager at this point asking if she would do someting. It was plain that she knew who these guys were again mentioning that it was ‘Doug’s’ birthday. She did speak with him. The behaviour continued. Jessica was either unable or unwilling to prevent the aggressive behaviour and again mentioned it was Doug’s birthday. We were threatened to be beat up by the group. My girlfriend was grabbed in the throat by one patron attempting to phyically lead us out causing a significant bruise to her neck. Again, no action to control this by your staff. At this point I asked for our bill and indicated we would be in touch with the owner.
    I don’t know if this is suitable behaviour for patrons at your restaurant, or if you run a ‘good old boys’ club where behaviour such as this is accepted since they are friends of the staff. The fact that it may be someone’s birthday is not an excuse to be threatening towards people who were there only to enjoy a few beer and some food. I will most certainly not be returning to any of your establishments and will be forwarding this story to as many as I can tell.
    Absolutely unacceptable.

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  6. J S · July 28, 2014

    This place is a dirty disgusting rat hole. The food is horrible and the crowd that hangs out there is shady. We Once watched a fight break out there and the staff did not call the police and had no means of controlling the situation. It would be best for the neighbourhood of bells corners if this place shut down. Since the owner of this establishment is on the board of Bells Corners BIA that unfortunately will not be happening.

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