Breaking News: Google’s ‘Search Plus Your World’ sucks just as much as Google+

Yesterday I read a Mashable post introducing Google’s “Search Plus Your World” – to be honest I knew this was coming. When Google+ introduced brand pages a few months back, the first thing I thought about was the implication of these pages on search. Google will obviously rank a property of it’s own higher, right?

I have never been a fan of Google+, admittedly. It’s not an ideal experience for me as a social media user. It’s stuffy. It’s like a house party with no beer, filled with people standing around chatting awkwardly. I get that people like the long, threaded conversations and content sharing blah blah – but seriously, the 90’s called & they want their forums back. It’s not a new technology – and it thrives off of the features that made Facebook so popular (and that Facebook still does better); the newsfeed, the profile page, the act of validating content with your stamp of approval (Like vs. +1), commenting, photos, videos, tags, etc. The only thing I can think of when I think of maintaining this account is that this is a clusterfuck of social profiles and G+ is just another social identity to maintain.


…but this?!


I don’t know what the people over at Google are smoking, but they just made my search experience so so so much worse. I tried out “Search Plus Your World” today and its absolutely awful. Case & point:

Okay Google, you should be smart enough to know that I’ve read my feed. I’ve already seen this stuff – and when I search for social media, or anything (unless I Google myself) I don’t want to see my own posts. I have seen all this stuff before so you are in no way making my experience while searching for something better.

Obviously there are upsides to this… I mean I could just turn off the personalized search – there’s a toggle button that’s in plain sight. I mean I’m sure this product is useful for someone out there – but it kind of puts down the hammer on SEO, no? No longer will our search results be relevant to what we’re searching – they’ll be relative to what our friends have shared… even if it’s not really, I don’t know, RELEVANT?!

Please feel free to comment on this – Maybe there’s something I’m missing. Until then, EndRant.





  1. Hendrik Pape · January 11, 2012

    You aren’t 100% wrong. I haven’t had much time to mess with Google’s new search, not even sure if it’s working for me yet. Google+ has some wins and some losses. For me a big win are the Hangouts, it opens up discussion face to face which is cool. I still find brand pages are difficult and clunky to manage and very difficult to promote, especially in comparison to Facebook.

    I think, as in all social networks, the type of discussion you see is dependent on the people in your circles. My circles are primarily made up of social media and mainstream media types so I find the content is very interesting and because G+ keeps the game feeds separate from the news feed even if many in my circles are into the G+ games I’m not bombarded by the updates in my newsfeed, unlike Facebook.

    In all I still prefer Facebook for my brand promotion etc but I use Google+ fairly regularly.

    • Marissa Gagnier · January 11, 2012

      Thanks for the comment Hendrik, and I do agree with you on most fronts – while I may dislike G+ for a lot of things, I still check the info there regularly.

      I’ve yet to use Hangouts and I’ve heard wonderful things about them – but I don’t have a personal use case for them yet.

      Thanks for sharing your view on it! Always appreciated.


  2. gonzo · January 12, 2012


  3. Matt Brown · January 15, 2012

    Google is trying to force Google plus down our throats and most people don’t like it. Just start using Bing…

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