First off, let me say OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.

This post probably sounds a bit like a 16 year old girl describing Justin Beiber, so I apologize in advance.

New New Twitter is absolutely stunning from an interface perspective – and to think, we never saw it coming. Looking at the new lay-out, you can definitely see the pieces that they have slowly been rolling out over the last few weeks. They started with ‘Activity’ and the ‘@You’ tabs, then changed some of their nouns. Now you see new interactions whereas before you would see ‘new tweets, etc.’

If you have been under a rock for the past few hours (or just not on Twitter, I get some of you have lives) Twitter rolled out a new user interface. They have a brilliant (in some cases) roll-out plan by offering their iOS and Android users a sneak peak by updating their mobile app.

The new Twitter for iOS is stunning also (see screengrab below). The new mobile interface mimics the design of the @You tab that Twitter rolled out over the past weeks.

It’s also a lot more easy to navigate than the old iOS app – and it allows you to keep track of new followers, retweets, and mentions in one nifty place. #LOVE.

Another new addition, the Discover tab is sort of like the Flipbooks and Zites of the world. It categorizes things it would think are interesting to you (trending topics, multimedia, links, popular news articles) and puts them into a centralized place (helloooo content!).

The changes to the web platform are HUGE. The most startling shift is the movement from right-hand navigation to left-hand navigation (something Facebook has loved and used forever). It doesn’t seem natural just yet, but I’m sure I will adjust in the coming days (or hours knowing me).

I highlighted some key things in the image above, if  you are completely lost. I added ‘Search’ as a term for the Discover button, not as actual search – but in context of searching for content.

Brand Pages

Now here’s something Twitter can provide to Brands, where there was nothing before: customized pages.

As you can see above, there is the opportunity for page customization through a banner on your brand page (as well as the benefit of having NO foreign ads showing up around your brand). There’s only one flaw here – You must be an advertiser on Twitter to access this. Which means you have to drop some dough to be able to access this.

For more info on New New Twitter click here

For more info on New New Twitter Advertising click here





  1. jessicadelellis · December 8, 2011

    I love twitter!!

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