Personal Development

In reflection of the events that have occurred over the past month in my life, I have come to realize how much I really have grown over the last two years. There are certain people who have coached me – showed determination and invested in me as a person. These people are who I am thankful to the most – the people who have shaped me into the individual writing this today.

I’ve become organized. I have never been an exceptionally organized person, and this was apparent to me in the work I put forward. It was not until I met Janet Banks that I really had the motivation to organize my life, my work, and my outputs. She helped me to realize my flaws, and come to see how those flaws were hurting me in my professional life. My career will always be a tribute to her as the quality of my outputs has increased drastically. If you are struggling with organization then I empower you to do this: Look at the quality of your work. Is it where you want it to be? If it’s not – start by cleaning up the clutter that drowns your desk, and make a daily to do list of the things you want to accomplish that day. Balancing your time comes afterwards, as this is a journey that is not easily taken.

I have become my own best practice. One thing I’ve learned working with social media is that you really have to practice what you preach. If you cannot demonstrate that you know what you’re doing (and this is quality as well as quantity) then no one will take you seriously. My method of proving my abilities is never to act on a whim. I don’t ever start something when I do not understand the implications on my life. I know that blogging is going to take up some evenings, I know that Twitter is not just a 9-5 thing, I know & dedicate myself to accomplishing (successfully) things after I have researched them. For example, I spent 6 months surveying Twitter before I jumped on the bandwagon. I spent months planning this blog before I ever wrote a word. I have been successful (in my opinion) because I have invested the time in my own strategy and platforms.

I have learned so much. I feel like a more intelligent individual. I have come out of my shell and taken the time to network and learn from other people. This is especially true for work – I have tried to be a sponge and learn from different individuals in different departments that know so much about a particular area that I have no experience with. I have taken the time to learn from other people’s experiences, choices, and perspectives – and I have become a better employee for it. There is always something that someone else can teach you, there is always something that you can learn. Most of all, I have learned that my opinion is not the only one – and I have learned to learn.

Personal development is something we all take for granted, overlook, and ignore. You can always grow, you can always expand, you can always be the best example. Maybe one day, if I concentrate enough on my growth & development, I can become the success story that I have always dreamed of.

Thanks for reading,





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