20 (More) People You Must Follow On Twitter

This is a follow-up to a previous post I did in June. I suggest you take a peek at it for 25 more engaging and awesome folks that you should follow on Twitter.

Each of these people bring something wonderful to my timeline every day, and I’d like to share with you all so that you have the pleasure of that experience as well.

@Wittlake (Eric Wittlake) – One of my regular #SMOchat chatters, always a source of inspiration (but mostly, reason)

@Crowdbooster – Speaking of #SMOchat, the gracious host of the weekly chat. They also have an amazing Twitter tool, currently in beta. Definitely worth checking out (do so here)

@DavidSwinney – Great convo’s with him all the time. So helpful and humble, and always willing to share kind words.

@Frank_Strong (Frank Strong) – It’s not often you find someone on the interwebs that is as brilliant as they are brave.  Soldier, PR Pro, man behind Sword and the Script.

@ThinkGeek  – There are very few brands that I would recommend following on Twitter, but ThinkGeek is a must-follow. Not only do they post hilarity, but they are also the perfect example of not taking your brand too seriously.

@Twel5 (Tim Welsh) – Great chap to follow for SEO advice, also a Ninja.

@techguerilla (Matt Ridings) – A lot of techy people can be quite boring to follow, but Matt is about far more than just tech you see. Witty comments & commentary, social coverage, brilliance ensues.

@MrWordsWorth (Mark Campbell) – This is all you need to see “Miley Cyrus fed up over comments about her weight. Comments about her talent, however, are still okay.”

@Glyn_E – If you have an iPhone, he is a must follow. He is the publisher of the iPhoneography blog, which provides tips, tricks, and tools on creating the most beautiful photos with your iPhone.

@Gizmodo – I don’t necessarily like to shout-out the normally self-important publishers of the world, but Gizmodo’s tweets are often ‘News with a twist’ variety. Always worth the laugh & commentary from the people behind their Twitter account.

@britopian (Michael Brito) – I just followed him recently, but if you’re into learning quality stuff about social – he’s definitely one not to miss. Also the SVP of Social Business Planning (such a great title) at @EdelmanDigital

@DenVan (DennisVanStaalduinen) – I had the pleasure of meeting Dennis at #socapOTT this past summer. One fantastic conversation later, and I have no doubts about putting him on this list.

@KnealeMann (Kneale Mann) – Another #socappott attendee (but more importantly, speaker) who posts great information as well as inspirational quotes.

@BrianSolis (Brian Solis) – One of those ridiculously smart social media people, probably not the easiest to engage with considering his 100k+ followers – but he does post great content.

@ShortStackLab – Another brand I put on here because of how amazing there product is. Sometimes you don’t need to over-sell yourself in social media, especially if it’s as awesome as theirs is.

@TheObamagram – Something I’ve been working on, give this handle a follow to stay up to date with it (rolls eyes at myself for shamelessness)

And of course, Team Awesome – My team, and some of the smartest people alive.

@StephaneG – our mighty leader

@Jen_Topping – Possibly one of the most intelligent women I’ve ever met (Great to follow for Market Research goodies)

@Lucas_Powell – Another incredibly smart team member, lover of cookies & Vegas

@BrandonWaselnuk – The light apps guy, also slightly intelligent.

Another person worth following (especially if you’re french) – My other half, @LeFLOFranco 

And if you think I’m halfway cool, you can follow me at @m_gagnier.




  1. Eric Wittlake · November 17, 2011

    Wow, thanks for the inclusion here among some great company.

    • Jay Baer · November 18, 2011

      Richly deserved Eric. I’m a big @techguerilla fan, and wrote a book with a @thinkgeek case study, so they are aces for me, too.

      • Marissa Gagnier · November 18, 2011

        Thanks for being such interesting people to follow! Jay, you were on my June list also 🙂


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