Dear Blackberry: it’s not me, it’s you

Yahoo! Messenger en Blackberry

As I’ve described in previous posts, I have a love/hate relationship with my blackberry.

The divide seems to mostly stem from the fact that everyone in my professional life has an iPhone, and everyone in my personal life has a Blackberry. From 9-5 I hate my phone but from 5-9 I love bbming my closest friends. You just seem to chat more on bbm – sort of like life before smartphones, where you talk about things that don’t matter because it’s easier. Texting is just not the same, and you can’t convince me otherwise.

I felt lost this week with Blackberry’s service outage – completely lost. My $500 “smartphone” has become a $500 paperweight. I realized that no matter how much I love BBM, it’s not worth it anymore.

My biggest hurdle in making the switch is definitely Rogers. They locked me into a contract back in May with no hope of upgrading unless I’m willing to sacrifice a rent payment. Sigh.

Needless to say, when I figure out a loophole in this whole service provider money-grab – I will make the switch to iPhone. It saddens me, it’s like breaking up – but RIM has left me with no choice but to say goodbye and Rogers is like the relationship-therapist trying to force us to be together. It’s not me, it’s definitely you.

Breakin’ up is hard to do.



  1. Danny at iWatchLife · October 27, 2011

    There are a few options available to you… I am on Telus and I paid $50 to unlock my phone recently. That means that I could sell it and recoup some money towards a new phone. However I unlocked so I could buy a US sim for my travels.

    It seems you upgraded or resigned recently…. call Rogers and see if you can extend or get a discount on an upgrade or change of phones. Rogers really just wants to keep you as a customer.

    You can try reasoning with them as well… I’ll admit that I failed at this with Rogers and left them but it’s worth a try. If you look at your average monthly bill and then look at the cancellation charge, it’s ususally $500 to cancel the contract… . My bills are usually $100 and the cancellation is $500. If the contract has two years to go, they risk losing $2400 – $500 cancellation or $1900 in revenue when you cancel. In my case, Rogers lost out years worth of revenue because they wouldn’t give me the upgrade I wanted. I stroked them a cheque for $500 and will never deal with them again.

    But in reality, you might want to consider buying a new unlocked phone. There are used phones available everywhere for less money these days look on Craigslist, etc. Or just straight-up buy one. Canadians and North Americans in general have been conditioned to avoid paying full retail for a phone. We need to break that habit.

    • Marissa Gagnier · October 28, 2011

      I agree with you! I’m looking at buying a new one when I can afford it, I find I always fail at negotiating with phone carriers. I really don’t want to extend my contract any longer than I have to, so I really think that’s the best option for me.

      I’ve had to buy 3 new (not on contract, $400+ phones) in the last 5 years because my crappy Blackberries keep on dying.

      Thanks for the advice!


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