Wrap Up – Ottawa Fashion Week

The last week has been extraordinarily busy for me, scurrying around over Ottawa Fashion Week. The event was a spectacular success – in social media and otherwise. Twitter hit its peek on the Friday – with eye popping shows from Kania and Ralph Leroy.

If you look at the chart above you can see the bump in tweets started happening on the night of the Champagne Social (launch party) that Ottawa Fashion Week hosted at the stunning Arc hotel here in Ottawa. The drop happens on the Saturday, which, in my opinion, was because the house was packed – and most of the spectators were too captivated by the stunning work of Rachel Sin, Jana Hanzel & Emilia Torabi, DeMOYO, and David McCaffrey to worry about tweeting.

We saw a lot of successes with our photo booth, and heard lots of chatter about our livestream-to-Facebook of the show. Something to be proud of, I must say.

Now, while I am by no means a Fashion Blogger, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite shows:

Day 1:

Micalla Jewelry:

Photo courtesy of Corel Corporation, Copyright Joao Bettencourt

I was blown away with the stunning sparkle & the bold look of Micalla – being an accessory girl, this collection stood out to me. Everything that glitters may not be gold, but it sure is stunning.


Photo courtesy of Corel, Copyright Joao Bettencourt

This collection was one of my favorites & the best part is that I would wear almost every piece (save the bodysuits though). The modern twist on the kimono was enough to make me pull out my credit card and buy then & there.

Simon Ekrelius: 

Photo courtesy of Corel, copyright Joao Bettencourt


His out-of-the-box yet mostly wearable pieces are fabulous enough for Lady Gaga, yet subtle enough for the every day woman. The highlight of his show? Gotta’ be those red shoes.

Day 2:


Photo courtesy of Corel, Copyright Alex Vakulenko

I absolutely adored Kania’s energetic take on the classical runway show. Her models literally danced down the runway – and they all looked happy to do it. Not only did she put on an awesome show, but she also had the cutest, most comfortable looking dresses there. I also love soca & reggae music, so this was a real treat for me.

Ralph Leroy:

Photo courtesy of Corel, Copyright Joao Bettencourt

Now, this man knows how to put on a show. In a single runway show he had a world premiere of Mackenzie First’s video (along with performance), a fire show, a runway show, a fire-queen-esque finale, sirens, great clothes, AND male models. I was absolutely blown away.

Day 3:


Photo courtesy of Corel, Copyright Joao Bettencourt

I LOVED this collection. Something about the structure of those dresses is mind blowing. Not to mention, she had kick-butt shoes as well. Bravo.

Rachel Sin:

Photo Courtesy of Corel, Copyright Joao Bettencourt

I was previously a fan of Rachel Sin dresses – her background in architecture comes through in her designs in the form of stunning fits, beautiful lines & cut-outs that leave you wanting more (see dress above). I had the chance to meet Rachel – and she is as wonderful a person as she is a designer.

McCaffrey Haute Couture:

Photo courtesy of Corel, copyright Joao Bettencourt

I am (and probably always will be) in LOVE with wedding dresses, and David knows exactly how to make them. His dresses are the perfect combination of elegance and edginess and you better believe when I get married, it will be in one of his dresses (preferably the one pictured above).

So folks, those are my highlights – but I must say every show was fantastic, and it was extremely difficult to pick favorites here. If you want to look at all the photos from all the designers head over to our lookbook (which is stunning in itself). I made a lot of great new friends at Ottawa Fashion Week, and had one helluva fabulous time!


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