The Stress of Blogging

Being a blogger has some unseen stresses to the rest of the world. I created this blog in mid-June to prove to myself I could do it, and be successful at it. Everyday I live and breathe social media – so why not have a place where I can share my learnings with a few people who care to read. It’s been a journey, to say the least. I’ve learned that I can be a writer, something that I’ve always wanted to do but never really excelled at.

Being a writer is something that runs in my family, my mother and eldest brother are both amazing at it. I never really was, I couldn’t get the creative sparks to fly. My mom has had a blog for years, and a successful one at that – my brother recently completed a novel – I was always working on things that didn’t require as much creativity or passion. Selling cars, working in a tax office, school – these things consumed my life but never really consumed my creative appetite.

Then… I met social media.

So young, vibrant, interesting, and most importantly – always evolving. This was something that I was immediately passionate about, and still am. I spend every day networking with others in my industry via Twitter, creating social campaigns, advertising, marketing, engaging, listening, learning – and I enjoy every minute of it. The natural thing that was missing from my life was blogging, and with social – I finally found my platform.

I would like to leave out (though I won’t) that I had tried to start blogs before, never really wrapping my head around the whole idea. Each one felt stupid, and each one got canned. Whether they were about my life, or various other platforms that I thought I could master – they never really worked out until this one.

The Stress of Blogging:

1. Having something to talk about – At first, it was easy for me to conjure up subjects that I could blog about. Something would come up everyday, almost. Then it turned into once every two days. Now, it lives comfortably in about once a week. Sure, I can think of subjects. But I want to provide value to my readers, so I’ve settled on Quality over Quantity.

2. Getting no views – I promote the hell out of my blog on my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIN accounts. I do this so that I can feel the “Page-View Satisfaction”. When I check my WordPress dashboard, I want to see more than 100 per day – but sometimes, that doesn’t happen.

3. Comments – The excitement/fear of comments always lurks in the background. I want to stimulate conversation, but what happens if I don’t? Maybe people don’t care enough, maybe I haven’t the right call-to-action. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll disagree with me and I will no longer have a compelling argument to stand on.

These are the main things that stress me about when it comes to this blog, but the truth is:

I am learning as I go, and enjoying the experience.

I love this blog, it has become like a child to me. I feed it with posts, dress it up with the occasional new theme, and watch it become popular with some of the cool kids around town. While these stresses exist, I will never let them change the passion that I have for my industry, and the art that has become this blog.

What is it about blogging that can stress you out?



  1. diggysocial · August 8, 2011

    very nice post- this is the first post I have read from yours, will read more now!

  2. Lucas Powell (@lucas_powell) · August 9, 2011

    Your blog is inspiring, it makes me want to start blogging. Glad to see quality vs. quantity. Keep the great posts coming!

  3. Capital Mom · August 12, 2011

    It can be hard to write something and publish it and not have any comments. But I remind myself that just because no one has commented, doesn’t mean the words weren’t read. And that is what’s important.

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