Last week, I joined a cult.

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My love of gadgets all started with the notorious Tamagotchi. It was a tiny digital pet that I brought everywhere with me in the third grade. I fed him, gave him water, took him for walks… treated him better than most real pets I’ve ever owned as my mother will probably attest to. The fact is, I had this need inside of me to own the latest and greatest technological toys; be they flip phones (remember those?), laptops, MP3 players, iPods, smartphones… what have you.

I remember seeing that first glorious commercial for the iPad. I was amazed. ‘Want’ didn’t even begin to describe my yearning for this device. It was sleek, small(ish), touch screen, and had all the promises of an iPhone – except without the tiny screen, which I can’t stand (I don’t have very good eye-finger coordination). I could have any app I dreamed of – and there are millions to choose from, if only I could sacrifice a rent payment for it’s high bounty.

For awhile I gave up on my iPad dreams. Pushed them to the side. I just couldn’t justify paying close to five-hundred dollars for a toy, not when you have bills to pay.

I continued through my meaningless iPadless life, learning about new tablets that were emerging into the marketplace. I have always had a Blackberry – what seemingly may become a piece of archaic tech history. When I saw the Playbook, it was cool, but did not compare to my iPad dreams. Now, some analysts believe that the Playbook is in fact superior to the iPad because of it’s Adobe-friendly nature and ability to multi-task extremely well. Let me tell you, it’s not as great as it seems. While I love RIM and applaud them for their efforts – when I played with the Playbook I could not get over how not user friendly it’s UI is. First of all, where was that notorious round button? What to do if I just wanna go back to where I came from? “Swipe the border” said the salesman. Sigh.

Granted these are all first world problems, seemingly selfish and entitled – sincere apologies to those of you who find this offensive in anyway.

The happy ending of this story is I got my iPad. I’ve had it for a few days and I am absolutely in love with it. It shines, it glistens, & rest assured there is just about an app for everything I can think of. I’ve downloaded so many I can barely keep track. I watched movies, tweeted, read articles, played games, and even “fat faced” myself (sad I know). There are some fantastic organizational apps, my favorite so far being Springpad. Mind you, the WordPress app could use a little work – it’s not as easy as you would think to write a blog post from the app itself. All this to say that I am finally a part of the Apple fan club, the only cult I’ve ever truly wanted to be a part of.

What are your favorite apps for the iPad?



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