Student of Social

I decided to start this blog to document my leanings & opinions on the things that I’m interested in. I read so many blogs on a daily basis that I often find my opinions are shaped heavily by my colleagues in the social media industry. I do not, however, see this as a problem – I just intend to find my own voice.

So, here goes nothing…

Dear future readers,

I am not a “guru”. I wouldn’t even classify myself as an expert, really. So where do I fit in this industry, you ask? I am a student of social media. Social media is a skill that one day I hope to completely master, but the point is I am always learning. Put it this way: when you want learn business, you go to college. You refine skills & master them, so that one day you can apply those skills to a job. This is exactly what social media should be. Platforms and tools are always changing in social media, and I want to spend the rest of my career in this industry learning how to use those platforms and make the most out of the tools that I am provided with.

Luckily, I am in the position to show up to school every day, do my homework, and pass the numerous tests & pop quizzes that the industry puts on my desk whilst I am sketching my name on the underside of said desk. I am very thankful for this, and one day – hope to become the star student in this over-populated classroom. The most beautiful thing about being a student of social, is that I have a thousand teachers. To the parislemon’s, and the Amber Naslund’s, the Radian6’s, and everyone I follow on Twitter: You are my teachers, my mentors, and I am forever a student of you.


Marissa Gagnier (Preschooler)


What do you think?

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